8 Menopause Exercise Tips

Easy Menopause Exercise Tips to Stay Active

For some women, menopause is a breeze…a few hot flashes, then back to business as usual. But for many, menopause can be an explosive, frustrating flurry of hot flashes, excessive sweating, weight gain, and mood swings. If this sounds like you, a few menopause exercise tips may help you power through the frustration and even feel better while menopause takes its course.


Before you get scared off by the thought of a cardio workout, consider this: Even a few minutes a day of cardiovascular activity can help you relieve stress, stay flexible, and even stave off weight gain. Plus, the endorphins released during exercise may actually make you feel happier! A little is better than nothing. Start with swimming, walking, or even follow along to a video in the privacy of your living room. If you’re new to exercise, the CDC recommends starting with just 10 minutes of exercise a day and building up as you get more comfortable.


Estrogen changes that happen during menopause make osteoporosis a big deal. Fight it, with strength training. Free weights and weight machines are great if you can get to a gym – don’t be afraid to ask an employee how to use the intimidating machines. No gym? Look for an exercise program on TV that incorporates dumbbells, or even use soup cans if you don’t have weights.


Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise your mind and your body during menopause. The inner focus and concentrated breathing during yoga poses help calm your mind and relieve stress. The balance and strength-building qualities of yoga help you build muscle strength, stretch your muscles to release toxins, and may help you reduce hot flashes and irritability.


If menopause exercise in the great outdoors or a swimming pool isn’t your cup of tea, hit the ‘ole treadmill or elliptical. This is a good cardio workout, which helps boost your heart health. Estrogen levels drop during menopause, and since estrogen helps protect your heart, it’s a good idea for you to pick up the slack with some exercise.


Cardio doesn’t have to be work! Sign up for a dance class with your girlfriends, or use it for a night of romance with your spouse. Either way, you’ll not only get a great workout, but you’ll burn off stress and have a fun night out!


While running the dishwasher or putting away a load of laundry doesn’t really qualify as a cardio workout, a swift, labor-intensive day of power cleaning or yard work burns lots of calories and comes with the added bonus of a sparkling house when you’re finished.


Going to the mall doesn’t mean you have to bring your checkbook. You can meet up with friends and window shop if you want – it’s a great way to catch up and enjoy good conversation without feeling like you’re exercising.


Whether the little people in your life are your kids, your grandkids, or a friend’s munchkins, borrow them for an afternoon and engage in some serious playtime. Kids will keep you on your toes and keep your heartrate up…all the while having stress-free fun!

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